Our team provide a wide range of legal services to retail commercial chains and participants on the market of consumer goods traffic system. Our services are primarily targeted to prevention of infringement of regulatory rules and risk decrease. Besides a standard legal advising aimed to protect client’s interest and to control acting in accordance with law, we also pay special attention on application of consumer protection regulation, unfair competition, tax treatment and employment regulatory issues.

In this sector we encounter very often with transactions that include mergers and acquisitions among market participants which imply specialized analysis of commercial and corporate legal issues concerning transfer of enterprises, relations among shareholders and company governance and management issues. It is as well not infrequent to meet with intellectual property issues especially regarding product marketing and advertising, trademark regulatory issues, and regarding real estate and ownership and usage title transfer of the same.

Our team is regularly involved in legal advising on daily basis regarding all legal aspects in the sector of trade. We advise our clients in issues of permissibility of their actions, procedures and business decisions and represent them in litigation and arbitration procedures before regular and arbitration courts.

We provide our clients with comprehensive and full-scale legal assistance, particularly in situations when foreign clients plan to spread their business to Croatian retail market. Our assistance in this segment also includes legal support in various financial negotiations and deals.

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Our legal team provides practical advice to foreign and domestic clients from energy sector in realization of energy efficiency and renewable sources projects. Our service frequently includes a continuous legal support during construction and implementation of co-generation biomass plant projects and other esco projects.

While working with clients dealing with energy, we have been providing assistance in drafting all sorts of contracts with suppliers, institutions, preparing documentation for the purpose of issuance of necessary permits before regulatory bodies and providing legal surveillance of project development from the very beginning until its realization (issuance of usage permit).

Our continuous and devoted work, along with perennial experience in legal support of local energy projects in all segments of development, makes us well qualified to advise our client as well i related legal issues such as mergers & acquisitions and taking over of companies, relationship with regulatory bodies, real estate status, permit pursuant to construction regulation, financing, public procurement, taxes and competition law issues, all in connection to developments and sales and purchase transactions regarding energy projects in Croatia.

Our advice is business oriented, as being necessary for our clients to achieved planned business goals and overcome legal obstacles in energetic industries. Representing clients not only in the segment of energy efficiency and renewable sources, but as well in the segment of oil and gas, our law firm acquired significant and deep understanding of this industry and legal issues which are essential for a long-term and continuous success.

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Development of infrastructure represents one of major goals of national politics in Croatia today and in near future. Infrastructure projects in which our team has recently participated referred to construction, development and management of roads, railways and tunnels and operative and financial restructuring of leading Croatian shipyards. Today, investments in energetic infrastructure are quite frequent as well.

Our team members possess significant experience in legal counselling of infrastructure projects in Croatia, whether regarding operative restructuring or counselling within a legal framework regulatory teams, or practical experience in project financing, regulatory issues, preparation of due diligence, executory work in mergers and/or acquisitions processes. We would particularly emphasize our experience in regulatory issues, state aid issues and public procurement related to railway and ship construction industries.

Our team members are frequently participant sin publicly organized counselling and debates in the issues of state aid and public procurement.

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GGP attorneys at law have been advising clients from various areas of media, inter alia, television, telecommunication service providers, publishers of digital and printed content, developers of media applications and other software material, and as well, organizers of festivals and entertainment events. Legal challenges we encountered working for clients from these sectors refer to implication of a wide spectrum of legal rights such as intellectual property regulation, media law, regulatory rights from the segment of electronic media and telecommunications etc.

Our attorneys have significant experience in infringements in media publishing and representation in disputes triggered by information publicly available in media.

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Real Estate Projects

Croatian market is more and more in the focus of investors, domestic and foreign, searching for investment opportunities with more challenging perspective than those on western European market and markets of world’s more developed countries. However, such opportunities are frequently accompanied by legal uncertainties and disordered real estate registries, log lasting administrative procedures, frequent regulatory changes and complicated insurance instrument execution frames. Therefore, in described circumstances, investors majorly count on risk evaluation prepared by legal advisors they engage.

Legal advisors need to be very experienced and skilled to be able to predict all possible legal consequences regarding projects which generate financial recovery after a certain longer period, which period is frequently accompanied by complex and hardly predictable administrative and court proceedings.

Our lawyers are very aware of severity of legal advice they provide to a client – investor in reaching decision of investment in real estate in the Republic of Croatia, and while providing such advice they analyse and treat the issue with maximum caution and dedication.

We assist our clients in simple and complex transactions regarding real estate and construction, including counselling in development stage of the process, consulting in the process of issuance of all necessary permits before state bodies and institutions, counselling i the process of regulation of relations among the owners, title holders, investors and interested third parties, and as well we offer assistance in drafting all necessary legal documents. Being aware of a general increase of projects in the real estate sector, we seek to  provide our clients with legal support regarding all issues that might be encountered with , taking into consideration the level of conformity with EU regulation, positive regulation of the Republic of Croatia and actual and available court practise.

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